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Foxkeh banners for Firefox 2

Starcraft 2

One of my most loved PC games of all time is getting a sequel. An in game video of the game was presented at a Korean fair. I really got excited when I saw this video. If you're rather old like me then I'm sure you've played the first game before.

I now have a reason to upgrade our computers!


SODT? : Delivery

When I was ready to write my End of day thoughts yesterday evening our PLDT connection at our house suddenly went dead. I can't call this an end of day post since it's not. A special treat and possibly a one time event only (hopefully) I bring you:

Start of day thoughts: Delivery

After one week of waiting... Pinoyhosting.net has finally delivered my newest domain. The site which still has no name: pokemon-ph.com

I've been bugging Philhosting for the past few days about this domain. Their office is located here in Makati City but I prefer to do my business by phone when I'm angry. They've had problems last week and that was the reason behind the delay. Since I'm very happy now... I'll gladly plug my host.

pokemon-ph.com Hosting details (Philhosting.net Plan 50)
  • 100 MB Webspace
  • 4 GB Monthly Data Transfer
  • 3 MySQL Database
  • Unlimited SubDomain, Email Account, and Email Forwarding
  • PHP Scripting Support and many more.
Why did I get this instead of the cheaper package? I need at least 4 GB bandwidth, at least 2 databases, and unlimited SubDomain to pull off the pokemon-ph project. Anything below these specs will cripple and downgrade the project into a 5 year old kid's fan site. There's a high possibility that I'll need to upgrade this site to Plan 100 after 2 months.


Expensive Purchase As Usual

I just came home from office! I didn't go directly home from Makati City this time for I had the shopper's urge.

I love reading materials (with pictures hehe) and this explains why I spend almost half of my allowance on reading materials like magazines and graphic novels. Today I went to Comic Odyssey and bought myself Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Ginji's Rescue Team by Makoto Mizobuchi. This graphic novel will be added to my collection of Pokemon stuff.

These graphic novels are not cheap. How do I even afford them? The answer is because I sadly still have no girl friend. No girl friend = more money.

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Death by Caffeine

Question: You want me dead but you only have unopened cans of Coca-Cola as your weapon and I'm in a super protective suit which means you can't use the cans as some sort of rock and throw them at me. How do you kill me?

Flamegod of the Quill Project, when he was at his daily slacking-off-hours, sent me a link to answer that question.

Answer: "230.85 cans of Coca-Cola Classic + You = Death." - Energy Fiend

Now you know!


Heroes Season Finale

I reviewed my last EODT and I believe it was too long and uninteresting for the average reader of this blog. You might not fall asleep with it if you either have a crush on me, you're a stalker, a bored friend, or are used to reading stuff like that. I decided to make a new post about something interesting, NBC's Heroes!

No hard spoilers here! I started watching Heroes before it even aired in US television (Yahoo! had a special online premier of the first episode last year). It really is a nice TV series and I recommend it to everyone who thought Lost, 24, or Prison Break was great.

"Save the cheerleader, save the world."

Next week NBC will air Episode 23: How to stop an exploding man, the 2 hour season finale. I can't wait for it. A season 2 for the series is confirmed and I don't want a cliff hanger for an ending on next week's finale! I was planning to watch the season finale next week at the exact same time when they will air it in the United States with a program that I've used in the past that can stream TV shows. I checked the program a while ago and boy was I disappointed. They removed NBC, the one who airs Heroes in America, from the list of channels that I can watch in real time.

I was hopping to watch it in the morning (night at the other side of the world) but I guess an afternoon showing (downloaded episode) will do.

"The universe cannot be that lame." - Claire (the cheerleader)


EODT: Unamused

End of day thoughts (EODT): Unamused

Another end of day. Time does move so fast for it seems that it was just a while ago that I was writing my first end of day thoughts for Spell Micael.

I just arrived here at home after watching the advance screening of Shrek 3 at Robinsons Metro East and to be honest it was not as good as the first two movies. My dad and my 17 year old brother slept through the movie and I was left unamused. Shrek 2 was so funny and this didn't came even close to it. The next movie in our list is Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.


I was doing my routine blog hop when I came across Flamegod's blog, the Quill Project (has good well thought out posts), when I noticed something that I haven't noticed before.

"Also, please visit my other friends? site. Those stat crazy people wants ?em unique hits! (Micael *cough*). " - Flamegod

If you came from the Quill Project then welcome to Spell Micael... you've just gotten yourself in my statistic. *grin* When I first created my first site more than half a decade ago (it was a Pokemon site by the way) I, like almost everyone else back then, had placed a counter in it. It took me months to get 100 unique hits. After I got that elusive 100 displayed on my counter I became obsessed with unique hits. I know a lot of people will disagree but a site's success is measured with unique hits. Give em to me!

Mission Accomplished for the following tasks:
  • Continue my rampage on promoting SpellMicael.com *cackle* (I should try going into the Marketing business). 110+ hits, 80+ unique, 87% are returning visitors. What does this tell me? ... Welcome back reader!
Problems I must resolve:
  • This site is hosted by Philhosting.net. It took them 1 day to get this site up and running but it has already been 1 week since I paid them the required money for pokemon-ph.com I called them 2 days ago and they said that they did get the order and the payment and are working on it. I need that domain up and running before this week ends. Darn.
  • PKMNph, now renamed to PKMN-ph by their staff is bothering me. I have seen the front page and they still had "Pokemon Philippines" in it. Before I formulated pokemon-ph (the name, which everyone knows, is patterned over Pokemon Italy and France) I thought PKMNph will just be PKMNph not Pokemon Philippines. What I forgot was that in my time with PKMNph I did stress that we are not "PKMNph" but Pokemon Philippines. The reason why I did that is because I know the nature of page ranks and search engines. Some people must have guess it already that pokemon-ph was created to become an indirect (not direct since pokemon-ph will offer a different service to its members) competitor to PKMNph so as to encourage both parties to push themselves to the limits. Both pokemon-ph (check the badge I posted yesterday) and PKMNph (link here) are calling themselves the revolution to the Pokemon Community here in the Philippines. I think both parties are correct. Actually this is what I had in mind when I stepped down from PKMNph. Pokemon is weakening here in the Philippines. This June, the two sites will duke it out and create an explosion. The explosion that will improve both parties and will hopefully revive the interest of many Filipino fans to Pokemon (imagine all those world class content). Why am I bothered? Because I won't fight over the Pokemon Philippines name. The pokemon-ph will initially be at a disadvantage with search placing (because both are Pokemon for the Philippines and both holds the "-") and I don't know what pokemon-ph will mean now.
A huge challenge lies ahead in front of me. I like it. Bring it on!

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The Wait is Ogre

The funniest animated movies I've ever saw were Shrek movies. This week Shrek the 3rd will be hitting the cinemas and because we can't wait for May 18 we decided to watch the movie tonight! I'll be watching the advance screening of Shrek the 3rd tonight and this post will be my last before my end of day thoughts for this day.

The wait is Ogre!


The Power of Networks

We're very fortunate enough to be a subscriber of many kinds of magazine (I love magazines) but there is one magazine that I find it hard to read and that is Forbes Asia. It talks about a lot of things but it's mainly about money and business. I would definitely rather finish our Time magazine before this magazine but last week's issue (May 7) caught my attention.

Forbes Asia | May 7, 2007 - The Power of Networks, Forbes 90th Anniversary Issue.
  • Creating a Web Just for You
  • Why the Technology Revolution Will Go On and On
  • How to Catch a Terrorist
  • Stopping Epidemics
  • The New Golden Age of Media
  • The MySpace Generation
  • What's in Store for the Internet
  • The Soul of a New Laptop
  • Immigrants Recast the U.S
I'm not sure if the magazine is still in news stands but you can always try.

I once told my parents that if I was privileged enough to visit any place in America I would go to MIT and shake the hand of the man behind the world wide web. I love the Internet and the World Wide Web! It's the best network there is.

"Web 2.0 is now. Even the kids at K-Zone Headquarters are experiencing it."

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Muddy Water

Last Sunday we went to the ClearWater Club/Resort at Subic for our yearly outing with our parent's household at Couples for Christ.

"Look! Muddy Water" my nine year old shouted when we got out of the garden entrance of the resort.

Only a few laughed at the irony that we are being greeted by , indeed, a beautiful swamp like Muddy Water at our visit at ClearWater. The club has a man made lake in the club where visitors could actually take a boat and get lost in the middle of the lake and do some fishing.

We played at the pools, did some fishing, and chatting while we were there. The club has one of the best shower rooms that I've ever been into! I don't like being disconnected from the internet for a long time but thankfully the experience of just slacking off at a resort was relaxing (I was constantly monitoring my E-mail through my phone though).

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EODT: Evil Plans

End of day thoughts (EODT): Evil Plans

Darwin of JuiceLog sent me a message at my Yahoo Messenger asking the meaning of my status which had the phrase "evil plan" in it.

I replied saying "Evil plan is synonymous to something secretive." For me it's cooler and cuter to say that I have an evil plan rather than I have a secret plan. He asked me what was it about and I replied with what I first said to him then followed it with a resounding "Secret!"

Whenever I feel devious I remember Haruhi Suzumiya and today I feel devious.

Mission Accomplished for the following tasks:
  • Revive SpellMicael.com and generate at least 50 unique hits for May 15. I got a solid 60. Many thanks to the loyal readers of this blog and to the new comers! You'll all be able to spell M-i-c-a-e-l right in no time.
  • Roam around K-Zone Headquarters and fulfill moderator duties.
  • Create and post K-Zone and Pokemon-ph badges on this site.
  • Completed phase 2 of one of my evil plans for the Pokémon community here in the Philippines. Everything is falling according to plan. Proof? Check this link out. Congratulations to the PKMNph staff. It's starting to walk without support. Must build more pressure. *cackle*
  • Interview kids on the new pokemon-ph.com project. (pkmn-ph is not pokemon-ph)

Most notable event today: I discovered that I was nominated for Best Avatar, Best Moderator, Most Intelligent Member, Most Informative Member, and Member of the Year in the unofficial K-Zone Headquarters Awards. I laughed so hard when I learned that the kids nominated me. I don't deserve those nominations. I'm flattered.


My Hotels in the Philippines

We went to a Toys R Us Philippines store here in our place to buy our second Monopoly board. Monopoly is known for selling many theme sets and for this purchase we got the Monopoly Philippine Edition.

Monopoly has been my most favorite board game of all time. It beats Clue and The Game of Life.

I never have won a full game of Monopoly ever since my nine year old brother came to this Earth and started playing the game. Yesterday's game went differently. My other younger brother was not able to play with us yesterday for he still had to study for his Calculus exam in UP Diliman. The game included me, my nine year old brother, my mom, and my dad. I was able to take down my mom first with three hotel landings on Mabini Street. I took down my dad next by buying my mom's property before she went bankrupt. The final battle was between me and my nine year old little brother. I won by doing a Monopoly over all the properties with Hotels all on top of them!

Sweet victory!

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The Pokemon Fluctuation

2006 was the year for Pokemon here in the Philippines.

2007... maybe. 2008... maybe.

I've told the story of how Pokemon rose to insane popularity here in the Philippines so I won't do that anymore with this post. What I would rather do though is talk about my predicted decline of Pokemon here in the Philippines.

I've just finished reading the book "Consuming Kids" by Susan Linn. It talks about how marketing has evolved to even influence or target the young kids of America. The reason why I grabbed the book a month ago was because there was a sale and because I knew I would find something about Pokemon in there. I did find something about Pokemon in there and I can even remember it being called as the "Pokemon Empire". This book taught me how these company sell their products to kids. I believe Pokemon was sold the same way as any other icon in America and in all parts of the globe.

I've been looking for months for this book entitled Pikachu's Global Adventure but unfortunately no book store caries and orders the book here in the Philippines . I was left with but excerpts to read.

So what's the forecast for Pokemon here in the Philippines?

- Pokemon stays strong to the general public because of the continued airing of the anime series in both cable and local channels.
-Cartoon Network is set to release some new episodes this year after Pokemania 4. I have no doubts that Cartoon Network has the power to air all episodes up until the Diamond and Pearl series. Why? Cartoon Network (CN) of America has the rights to air the new episodes of Pokemon and according to ToonZone they will air 66 episodes for two straight days on June.
- Diamond and Pearl Fever! From the Nintendo DS game to the Trading Card Game.

- It takes a few months or even a few years for Filipino kids to get hold of the next fad that came from other countries. This is what I call the "Fad Lag". Believe it or not but a huge majority of Pokemon fans in the country (10 and below) don't even know of the existence of Diamond and Pearl. The Nintendo DS is still struggling to get a footing here in the Philippines because of the thinking that PSP is cool and the DS is for people who can't afford the PSP. Only after pirated DS games invade the market will Pokemon Diamond and Pearl start to get really noticed.

This will change if Pokemon brings the world something. That's just my opinion. You don't have to take my word for I'm just your normal Filipino Pokemon fan anyway.

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Tara Lets

I'm not a music junkie but I enjoy listening to music. There's this one Original Filipino Music that got my attention while I was surfing around YouTube and it's entitled "Tara Lets" (Come on, let's go) by Imago. I must confess that it was only a while ago that I heard this music in full. I asked some of my net friends about this song and some of them warned me that this was considered as a non-cool music for the Filipino "IN" club. I like the "IN" crowd but I pretty much fell in love with this music.

A perfect song to mark my return from Hiatus to blogging and web design. Many thanks to Flamegod of the Quill Project for challenging me to do some div design! I failed to do a full div design but I'm getting there.


The Magikarp Project

I have had Pokémon Pearl in my Nintendo DS Lite for almost a week now and I have played with it for almost 70 hours already! What happened with Micael after beating the elite four?

I did a lot of non-leveling activities after defeating the elite four but what I want to share with everyone today is my personal project entitled as the "Magikarp Project".

Micael's Magikarp Project is an activity that aims to connect or reach to the many Pokémon fans with a Pokémon Diamond/Pearl game around the world. The latest Pokémon game can connect to this Nintendo Wi-Fi network that will then in turn connect players to other players around the world. Magikarp or (?????) Koiking is known to be the weakest Pokémon in the game and no one really wants them unless they want a Gyarados.

My mission is to give my Pokémon to as many trainers around the world and keep one of their Pokémon in return. What Pokémon will trainers easily give up? A Magikarp.

As of this writing I have traded with 3 male trainers and 2 female trainers. That's 1 from the Philippines and 4 from Japan (Tokyo - Kanagawa, Tokyo, Fukushima, and Toyama).

To all the participants of this project: If anyone of you searched for me (Micael of the Philippines) on the Internet and found this site of mine, please contact me through my e-mail.