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Rant: Unlucky Week

After five attempts of trying to get that elusive teacher's prerogative I still need three more subjects before Tuesday!

I badly need to get those three subjects to graduate next semester and be part of this cool group to be labeled as the University of the Philippines' centennial graduates.

This is so frustrating!


Fantastic SimCity DS

Our 12th DS game? It has to be SimCity DS! I'm a big fan of games like this. Here's the Japanese trailer of the game. I choose to post this instead of the English one since I think this is better.

SimCity DS will be release in the US on June 19, 2007.

In other news... We will again be out of the house this night to watch a movie! We are going to watch Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Early Release?

In some weird turn of events it seems that we already have Diamond and Pearl cards here in the Philippines.

According to Mr. Rhian P. Famaran of Pokémon Skillze I qoute:

"DP boosters is now available in limited stocks only now in all NG stores. Per booster still cost 180 pesos."

K-Zone Philippines in their Ka-Blog also posted something about the set (The picture together with this post is from the K-Zone Blog). I qoute:

"Neutral Grounds gave us a sneak peek at four 10-card packs from the D/P set."

It looks like we can get the cards early after all. I'll be going to Robinsons Galleria tomorrow to check out this myself.


My Hiatus Is Over

The untold reason why I have not been able to update my blog is because of my personal project to expand the number of Filipino made Pokémon fan sites. The project, located at pokemon-ph.com, had been getting 700-800 unique hits per week (very good for a new site) but it wasn't doing what I wanted it to be doing which was to generate more young webmasters. I don't want it to become my second PKMNph. *PKMN-ph, the new premier community for Pokémon fans in the Philippines, is doing a good job of maintaining the community as one but I'm quite disappointed with their lack of relevant news lately.

I've been trying hard not to post any local Pokémon news on *Pokémon-PH.com because I want PKMN-ph.com to do it but sometimes I just cannot stop myself from doing just that because I love sharing information. This has been in my phone since last week and I wasn't able to share it to everyone so I'm doing it now.

  • New Japanese Pokémon toys available at Toy Kingdom (Megamall) for below 300 pesos. The new notable items are the pink and blue Pokétch from Takara Tomy and the Sinnoh (small toy) Pokédex which is also from Takara Tomy.
  • August 22, 2007 is the International Release date of the Diamond and Pearl TCG set. I asked the staff of PKMN-ph.com to post this at their front page last week after I received the e-mail from Neutral Grounds. Thank you Ms. Des Tan for trusting me with that information.
  • K-Zone Philippines' June Issue is out and they have Pokémon in it. I wrote the Pokémon article in it! Will we be seeing another Pokémon article this August? Only time will tell *cackle*. Many thanks for Mr. Lio Magnubat and everyone at Summit Media for the opportunity and the you-know-what.
  • The K-Zone Team will be having a photo shoot in a top secret studio *wink* this coming Wednesday and if you want to get your name in the magazine and maybe get to talk to them (they're like superstars to many kids you know so I'm not sure about this one) please e-mail me [madiazderivera at gmail] as soon as possible. They need someone who has a Pokémon deck. I can go to their office this Wednesday but there might be some of you who want to do this so I'm putting this one up.
  • Wee ????? (Katou Rosa), the voice actress of a very important character in Pokémon's 10th movie, will be having her birthday in 10 days time. She's connected to Pokémon and she's pretty so I'll post about her here *grin*. I've seen her on the Japanese DS Commercials but just noticed her after seeing she's part of a Pokémon movie.
I'll be writing about my time in Baguio City and my school's-coming blues later. You don't want to miss the pictures that I took when we played tennis at the Baguio Country Club!

Happy Birthday to my two sis at YSES, Joyce and Sarah! Congratulations to both of you for you two are now officially old. *cackle* (If it wasn't for the text brigade I would have forgotten your birthdays! No wonder I'm still single haha).

*PKMN-ph : PKMNph with the dash "-" is currently being handled by the whole PKMNph staff minus Micael (me). Read older posts to know why.
*Pokémon-PH: Is my personal Pokémon site that promotes and hosts Filipino made Pokémon fan sites. This is my next contribution to the fandom after PKMNph.

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