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The Pokémon-PH Headquarters

I'm really surprised with all traffic my sites (Spell Micael and Pokémon-PH) have been receiving even if they don't really deserve to have it as of this time.

SpellMicael.com gets around 30 unique hits a day while Pokémon-PH gets more than 50 per day. Those are not stellar numbers but if you consider my lack of updates lately that is unbelievable.

I still have not decided on what to do with Pokémon-PH. The Joomla 1.5 beta solution for the site is giving me a hard time setting up a forum. The site feels more like an extension of my blogging here in SpellMicael.com rather than a totally different site.

I guess SpellMicael and Pokémon-PH are really brothers. My room is also the Headquarters of Pokémon-PH by the way and I would like to share to you some inexpensive old Pokémon movie posters in frames that we got a while ago. These three framed poster will soon hang together with other Pokémon stuff in the headquarters of Pokémpon-PH.


Impulse Buying

When it comes to uncommon authentic Pokémon merchandises I seem to have developed a habit of getting it before someone else does (as if someone is as crazy as I am about Pokémon in the country). I just arrived from UPLB awhile ago and because of the news article posted at PKMN-ph.com last week about sightings of the Pokémon Adventures/Special manga at Fully Booked stores I made a detour to the said bookstore before returning home.

I still didn't have volume 21 onwards in my library of Pokémon Adventures Graphic Novels so I told myself that I would get 21 if I see it. Guess what? They had Volume 21 in stock and so was 23 and 24! One graphic novel costs about 299 pesos and I bought 21,23, and 24!



"Let me ask you something. If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient? If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous? If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other?" - God in the movie Evan Almighty.

I posted this so I could always remember this lovely quote.



After staying up for more than 24 hours for an assignment my computer and I broke down today. It started with my laptop. It was really hot when I brought it to the computer shop for me to print my assignment for CMSC 141 (Automata) when suddenly it just wouldn't boot anymore. My files and my work are all in there. Thank goodness this didn't happen at the end of the semester though.

I missed my class and I'll need to start from scratch with that assignment of mine. Oh and because of that incident that assignment of mine won't give me much points either.

Another wake up call to Micael. Back up your files. Do your assignments days before before the deadline and store it somewhere safe.

"Shit, shit, shit." - Shaobo Qin in Ocean's Thirteen. Not my favorite qoute from the movie but it sure made me laugh.


UAAP Fever

I was watching DLSU's 2nd game when I noticed this interesting UAAP commercial.

I do remember a similar scenario when I was still in High School. I think it was an Archer loss against the Eagles. Archer's win against the Falcons 99-75 today though. Overkill.

Federer Wins Again!

I'm so glad to have lived to see the day when Bjorn Borg's record of five straight Wimbledon championship gets matched. It's past 1 in the morning here in the Philippines and Roger Federer just won against Rafael Nadal in five sets to claim his fifth straight Wimbledon Championship Trophy.

High five Roger Federer! That match just made my day. Awesome Tennis!


EODT: Zong

It has been more than two weeks now after I posted something on this blog of mine but I guess I'm back again.

First things first! A lot of friendly folks have been asking me about my registration after that rant of mine two weeks ago and I'm glad to announce that I was given the opportunity to graduate on time next semester. Now all I have to do is to take this opportunity and study hard. Enough of school for it's time for the more exciting recent events!


The UAAP Basketball Season has again begun and I'm very happy about the return of my favorite team! DLSU Manila's Green Archers creamed UP Diliman's Maroons yesterday! Even if I'm now studying for around four years now in UPLB I still can't sever my connections to my Lasallian past. I just can't wait for the DLSU VS ADMU match on July 26! Animo La Salle!


A few hours ago we went to Ayala Malls' Trinoma at Quezon City. My younger brother who studies at UP Diliman have been to the place but I have not so I was pretty excited when I got there for the first time. I love malls with class and style and that's why I like going to Ayala Malls. Trinoma was beautiful but it still had a lot of unused space in it. While we were there, my dad suggested an unknown restaurant to us (meaning me, my younger brothers, and my mom). We ate lunch at this lovely restaurant called "Zong". It has been weeks since I last ate at a good restaurant and I'm glad I was able to experience Zong. Expensive but delicious food. I very much recommend it if you have cash to spare.