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Willful Ignorance

There's a saying that "Ignorance is bliss" and believers of this quote should be very careful.

I have a psychological sickness that have had cause me problems since my first year in College.

Willful ignorance (or vincible ignorance) is a bad faith decision to avoid becoming informed about something so as to avoid having to make undesirable decisions that such information might prompt.

I hate problems... even small problems. I hate assignments... even small assignments. Sometimes I force myself to be ignorant that I think it does not even exist. Ignorance is indeed bliss in this circumstance but small work grows large when not worked upon as soon as possible.

Willful ignorance + cramming = deadly experience that will turn you undead.

Pray that I may have the courage to face the harsh realities of life head on that I may not suffer great because I fail to confront it when it was small. I have loads of things to do now. What a bad week.


A Musical Weekend

I can't sleep and what better to do but blog about my weekend.

  • Laptop still unusable
  • Humanities 2 Field Trip to Manila museums and art centers was nice but it really drained drained my whole Saturday.
  • Finished reading K-Zone Philippines' September issue.
  • Bought the High School Musical 2 Soundtrack
  • Renovation of Pokemon-PH delayed one more week.
I really miss my laptop. I feel so unproductive lately without it.


It Begins

I'm stressed. I have been reading a lot of things related to VoIP in preparation for my Special Problem.

I'm very glad that I'd be working on a topic related to something as "cool" as VoIP but programming in general has been frankly very tiering for me lately. I'm seriously scared and dismayed when I imagine myself after graduation working day and night on a company's revenue software.

I realized that I'm more of an IT guy. I miss the days when I need not work on simply computer code but rather on computer/electronic solutions for everyday life. I cannot stand talking about computer codes anymore. I feel alienated when the topic being discussed in school or in some nerdy online forums is code.

I'm really weird and I want a weird/uncommon job when I graduate. To be just a mere computer programmer is a no no. Now I should stop blogging and get back to me code. Oh I should also now close my feed reader (has hundreds of feeds in it), podcast player (has a dozen of missed podcasts in it), and browser (has dozens of tabs opened in it) so that I may be able to focus on the [school] work that has to be done.



I Choose to Save

When I was in my last year at High School I was faced with several hard questions.

Study at my target school DLSU-Taft or study at a prestigious UP? A 700k peso tuition or a 28k peso tuition? Both are very good schools and both are in my list of notable schools. We choose to save. I was again faced with several hard questions (relatively easier ones though) lately because of my laptop.

I posted a notice that I had troubles with my laptop several days ago and I said that I was considering buying a new one. Well today I decided to again save money and just bring my laptop to a notable repair shop.

"Why buy a new high-end laptop when you know you'd surely be ridiculed at UPLB Micael" I told myself. Actually it was my batchmate Gail who first gave me that idea. I'm not much of an Apple fan but I understand Gail's desire for an Apple Mac Book Pro. He's looking for a new laptop but he won't get the Mac Book because he's getting an HP notebook instead. Get a flashy Apple Mac Book Pro and you get automatically branded as a show off even if you don't intend to . It's a sad place for techies sometimes.

I've told myself that I don't need a new one and that I can wait until next year for a really good laptop. I will be just like that Pidgeotto in the picture I took a while ago; Waiting patiently for the right time to go out.

Happy rainy days to everyone!

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Gamers Start Your English

I'm stuck here in UPLB because of a scheduled field trip to the Cultural Center of the Philippines tomorrow for my Humanities 2 class and I have nothing better to do but read and surf the Internet. I unfortunately exhausted my library of magazines for the week because of the two day class suspension so I dropped by the nearest Book Sale store here to get some old magazines to read.

A large amount of my allowance is spent on buying local and international magazines. I got EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) January 2007 for around 100 pesos a while ago by the way. I'm sure the magazine would keep me entertained for the whole night. The magazine has this monthly section where they showcase jobs related to the gaming industry and for that month they showcased the job of a game guide writer. What a coincidence... K-Zone Philippines is looking for game reviewers! The two jobs are very much different but both require a person to be able to work with English very well and thus the title of this blog.

Interested? Go visit Ka-Blog for more details!

"Mike says: ?Work hard on your English classes and study your grammar." - from the Ka-Blog post.

Micael says: Amen!

I'm not sure if I can purchase another game to whip up a review for this event but we'll never know. I know K-Zone will always be open for new articles but if you really want to get noticed then it's the best time to send them your game reviews. One good tip that you should remember when writing for K-Zone is to know your audience. Cheers!

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Save North Korea

I've been itching to watch this documentary about North Korea when I first saw it on the commercials in cable TV but I forgot about wanting to watch it when I missed it because of an exam. I recently found it at YouTube today.

Help the world save North Korea by being informed of what really is happening at the communist country and by spreading the knowledge to everyone.

Recommended Videos:
Children of the Secret State - This is part 1 of 5.
Welcome to North Korea by Peter Tetteroo and Raymond Feddema
Inside North Korea - This is a compilation of clips from NGC's Documentary

Malnutrition... Cannibalism... Torture...

Spread the word and dig deeper.


Disney's Spectrobes Delivers

I've been wanting to get this game since its first trailer appeared. What made me not get this game as soon as it was released was because of the early bad reviews it got from reputable game review sites. It averaged a grade of 6 for the reviewers.

This game was released last March and I just got it a few days ago for my birthday. This game was supposed to be added to our library of Nintendo DS games before we even get Pokémon Diamond and Pearl but we all know that didn't happen since we got the Pokémon a few days after it was officially released in the United States (April 2007). And now without further adieu, Micael's thoughts on Spectrobes for the Nintendo DS.


Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios (Buena Vista Games)
Developer: Jupiter

Micael says : From the developer of the Pokémon Pinball series comes this new game that looks pretty much like Pokémon. This game reminded me more of Digimon play and Yugioh art than anything Pokémon really. Pokémon introduced the world to the collection of monsters and Spectrobes' core revoles around that and that is basically the reason why this game is often compared to Pokémon. This game or franchise cannot compete against Pokémon yet. It has the potential to be great someday but I doubt if it can ever reach the position of Pokémon.

The collection of Spectobes does feel like a choir but the battle system is not that bad. It's actually enjoyable if you've tried to experiment the different ways you approach and finish a battle. My 9 year old younger brother really likes the game. If you are a Pokémon fan looking for a new fix then this game might satisfy you. For me, this game was better than I expected!

Verdict: 8/10 - Looking forward to a better Spectrobes 2.

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My Dying Laptop

My parents offered me a new Notebook PC for my 20th birthday but I refused and said my laptop can last until Graduation Day. Laptops still are expensive even if we can afford them.

I need a reliable computer that will hold and not lose data for at least until I graduate. I cannot afford to lose my "special problem" (Final Project) or any project/assignment on the day it is supposed to be submitted (again).

If you're a Computer guru then please recommend some PCs for me. I need at least 1 GB of Memory and at least 60 GB of Hard Drive space. A new laptop or a new desktop? I need a semi-affordable laptop below 100k Pesos. Try to recommend something way below that price so I won't be tempted to install a pirated version of a Windows OS. (Cheapest Vista is around 5k Pesos while the best Vista version retails at around 10k Pesos.)


Goodbye Teen Years

I turned 20 years old last Friday and it turned out to become a super busy day.

The day (12:00 AM) started out with a healthy amount of text messages of "Happy Birthday". I then decided to treat my org-mates at YSES (Young Software Engineers' Society) with pizza in the afternoon. I of course went home to my family here in Antipolo City for my "birthday party". We decided to eat out at Max's Restaurant than do our usual dinner birthday party at home. The day ended with me reading tons of e-mails, messages, and posts from my friends online.
It was a good first 20 years :)

After rereading what I wrote here it clearly dawned on me that I am very poor when it comes to sentence construction. The whole post feels like a patched up Twitter posts! Oh well.

Special thanks to my friends at PKMN-ph.com for that very flattering news post about me turning 20. I've not seen a page with so many solo Micael pictures in it really.


To Go Against Gaming Piracy

My name has, for a time, became synonymous with the phrase Gaming Piracy because of the shocking picture I sent to the popular Nintendo Fan Site, GoNintendo.

I wanted to bring our local piracy problem to the world because I thought that maybe international pressure could heal our problem. The picture mentioned above inspired several groups of people to actually continue exposing our gaming piracy problem here in the country to the world. I cannot actively fight against this problem anymore as much as I want to because my parents don't want me killed. It's not that safe for do-gooders here in the Philippines really. (They may be over reacting but we'll never know.)

I still want to work on the video gaming industry before I die though and the best thing I could do for now that won't get me "killed" is to buy original games myself. Am I a fool to be cashing out on original games while everyone else gets it for cheap illegally? A lot of people say I am and I'm glad to take the road not taken once again!

This Friday... we're going to spend another 2000 Pesos for a Nintendo DS game (our 12th?). I decided to get the underrated Disney/Jupiter game known as "Spectrobes". Stay tuned for my personal review.

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Save Electricity; Save the World

I'm not an environmentalist but I do value money. We have this big problem with our electric bill and I personally want to help the family eradicate this problem of ours.

Our monthly electric bill from Meralco is usually from 10 to 12 thousand Pesos a month. At first I thought it was normal for the usual near-city household but after some investigation I realized that our bill was exceptionally high. Because of this, I recently had to learn energy saving.

We have at least three computers running at the same time here at home. As the chief computer geek in the family, I have been given the responsibility to devise a plan to lessen energy consumption from using the computer.

Do you know what I first did to save us some money (and to save the world in my own small way)? I downloaded this software that I found at a CNET blog known as Local Cooling. If you want to save the world from Global Warming or if you just want to try and lower your electric bill then I recommend you download Local Cooling as well.


Show Some Gmail Love

I'm a Google Friend and because of that I use everything Google!

One of my favorite Google service has been Gmail. I've been using Gmail since its private beta days (2004). It's turning three years old this year and in preparation for that, Gmail has launched a Behind the Scenes activity/contest!

I will be working on my video entry this weekend.


Ebay in Firefox

I'm currently I was in a bidding war right now awhile ago and the lots that I am fighting fought for at eBay Philippines has had more than 20 bids in the last hour of the auction. The picture with the Pikachu in it was the lot that I lost while the picture with the Snorlax was the lot that I won. I wanted the Pikachu set more than the Snorlax set but unfortunately I was only fast enough to snatch the Snorlax set at the last second.

I have only won three items in Ebay Philippines before this bidding war but I am pretty impressed with my bidding so far. The Firefox-eBay Companion add-on really gave me a fighting chance against a better bidder. I now officially have 1 lost in my eBay record! Not to worry... there is always next time! I at least won myself some very cheap high quality dolls.

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