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On Games and Kids

I wanted to know what was behind the Sonic game I played when I was still in Grade 4 that catapulted me to where I am today. That's why I bought the latest game from the Sonic Team in Sega using the paycheck that was recently given to me by K-Zone (thank you).

After beating the game, Sonic Rush Adventure, for the first time (took me just an afternoon) , the game winning experience was not really that different from other games I've beaten. The Sonic game I played 10 years ago was pivotal and monumental to me but this one felt as if it will just join my "beaten" games list. This new game for the Nintendo DS is better than the one I played years ago but I don't know why it's not moving me.

After I defeated the game I allowed my youngest brother, 9 years old, to play the game. This is an E for Everyone game so it was OK for him to play. He has beaten at least a dozen of games now and can beat your average adult gamer in some of his favorite games. He's good in games and good in school. My 17 year old younger brother who is now taking up Electrical Engineering in UP Diliman considers my youngest brother's 2nd Honors as below average but I think it's good because I personally did worse than that when I was his age (he he).

To cut a long story short... I just realized what was behind the dream of making games one day. I love being part of the happy experience of kids in any of media.

This revelation explains the following things:
  • Why I'm into buying E for Everyone games rather than the more popular M for Mature games.
  • Why I love Nintendo Games - Majority of their games are rated E for Everyone.
  • Why I enjoy Pokémon - It was basically made for kids and to be part of a community of kids which are all happily engaged in the franchise is bliss.
  • Why I find writing in K-Zone cool - Thousands of kids from all over the Philippines become your audience.
  • Why I actively belong as member and moderator to forums with a young population - Need I say more?
    Why my library includes titles such as the effect of marketing to kids.
  • Why I find time to read magazines like Smart Parenting even if I'm too young to have kids yet.
  • Why I constantly bug Gym Leaders to push for a Kid Friendly Pokemon League atmosphere at leagues.
  • Why I am a frequent visitor in toy stores to look for what's "in" in today's kids. (Incidentally, Yoyos are what's cool today)
  • Why my Feed Reader includes blogs that talk about child safety, family news, etc.
  • Why I think shows like Kid Nation is "risky to kids (in the show)" but very very interesting! I think I've watched more Kid Nation than Heroes Season 2 lately.

After all the failures... I realized that I may actually be living my dream already. The thing that makes me happy... I don't have to wait or hope in the future because I've been already doing it for a long time now. Wow I guess that Sonic game did something to me after all.

I better return to writing my Call Simulator/Generator proposal now.

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A Sad Ending

I present to you a very long write up (rant) that I wrote last week while studying for my finals and doing my projects. I don't want this document to rot in my hard drive without being read or being remembered by the world and me. That week was a turning point. I was unable to finish the essay but I do believe it has enough content to make you think.

A Sad Ending
by: Micael Andrei Diaz de Rivera

As I come nearer and nearer to the end of my undergrad years, I now find myself uninterested and uninspired with everything that is happening in school. It makes me sad whenever I look back and remember the things I have learned in my classes here in the University. I really, honestly, cannot see the edge that was promised to me by the people who convinced me to study in the country's, so called, best University. I admit, based from my experience in the field, that saying you study from a University of the Philippines still leave people in awe. But is that really the edge that was promised to me and to many other students who are now studying here? The edge of a UP student from a non-UP student is simply just the name of the school and the prestige that comes with it? I still hope not.

I feel like ranting because I've been wondering for years now if all this sacrifice and suffering of studying in UPLB is worth it. This misery has led me to remember and examine my precollege days. I miss religion classes. I miss praying with everyone in the begging and at the end of every class. I miss the time of being with my family every night. I miss the luxury of my air conditioned room with my own bed, television, and computer. I had to leave all that behind to study and suffer difficult times in this University. The difficult problems and suffering that I have encountered that was supposed to make me stronger left me weaker instead. Me writing this just proves how weak I still am! Was my choice worth it? It's a sad ending because after almost four years I don't think so.

I may have just already pressed my self destruct button. Uninspired and uninterested, I no longer see a good reason for my academics. It is as if it suddenly didn't matter anymore. I have become worse and worse with most of my subjects every passing year. I don't even pass my standard of being good anymore. Everyday I hear stories of teens and adults from around the world younger than I am doing great things in the world of computers and information technology. Some would argue that I should focus and try to just edge the competition which are fellow Filipinos here in the Philippines. That thinking just won't do for me anymore. Graduates, whether you graduated with honors or as a marginal student, from any UP school will surely be able to land a job here in the country just because you are from a UP school. If you want a higher paying job then you need to do well with your academics. If ever I go look for an office job, I don't want to be accepted just because I'm from UP but I would rather be accepted because they see something different from me.

The story of the executives of today's hottest IT companies, Apple and Microsoft, inspires me as well as irritate me. Why weren't college graduates able to trump Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, both college drop outs? We would all eventually graduate from college but could we the ?better? ones do what they have done? We should actually be able to do better. I envy the passionate.

May I look back and remember this when I grow up. All of my time in college is a cross that I will offer to the Lord. Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to suffer and carry a cross. Life is good! Time to work on my Call Simulator...


One Week in One Post

Tis the week we all go crazy tralala lala lala la la!

Hello! Yes, I'm still alive but I'll be zombie by the end of this week. Did you know I have several deadlines to meet this week?

CMSC 141 3rd Exam
SP Proposal
Research Proposal (Eng 10)
Network Floor Plan (CMSC 137)
Presentation and Hand Outs (Hum 2)
Video Documentary (Econ 10)

All due tomorrow or on Friday. Life is good. God is good. After my "heart complication" when I was still a sophomore I never have stressed myself so much about anything as much as before ever again (even in my academics). Man, I can still remember the pain in my chest and my difficulty to breath back then. I had to lay down at the infirmary because of that haha. It's important to worry and do lots of crazy things just to have your work done but I've learned to respect my body after that experience.


"According to our records, your membership to the Professor Program will expire on November 3, 2007. If you would like to remain in the Professor Program, please complete the following steps:" Pokémon USA to Me

Bah! That's one wasted year of being a Pokémon TCG Professor. I'll be retaking up the Professor exam after I finish all my school work.


Many thanks to Sir David Cruz III and Miss Eleni Guieb of OneTouch International for that wonderful dinner and tour at their offices last friday. Raw fish!

Animo La Salle nga pala Sir David he he he >:)