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Talking with a Stamp Collector

A few months ago someone sent me something through the mail; Limited edition Pokémon stamps from Japan! Today I was able to "interview" him and I would like to share what he said.

Micael: Hi Henry! Let's talk about stamps and stamp collecting. Tell me about Stamp Collecting.

Henry: Hi! Stamp collecting, if done in the right way, can be a fun lifetime hobby: you collect the things you want to see by way of stamps.

Micael: So what's the "IN" thing today in the world of stamp collecting?

Henry: Many young people are now into anime stamps, but there are unlimited choices, depending on your life interest -- girls/women on stamps, transportation, birds, butterflies, horses, Walt Disney character, etc.

Micael: Anime stamps, girls/women on stamps, transportations - especially trains, and Walt Disney Characters... sounds all good to me! So what kind of stamps are you personally in to?

Henry: I myself am partial to Philippine stamps because they are good in design. If there is one thing in which the Filipino excels, it's in artwork, so our stamps can compete very well with those of other countries.

My second choice is Japan, for the same reason. The two countries merge philatelically in WW2 when Japan occupied the Philippines 1941-Feb. 1945.

Micael: I'm a big newbie in your field but your choices sure do sound swell! What are the usual problems in stamp collecting especially for people like me who is considering to start a collection?

Henry: Budget is usually the problem. Unless you have unlimited funds, specialize in what you intend to collect in life. This applies not only to stamps but also to friends, girlfriends, accessories, etc.

Micael: Spoken like a true expert! Do you have any tips you can impart to me on stamp collecting?

Henry: One important rule-- get top grade items whenever you can. They may be more expensive, but you don't want our life characterized by cheapness: you don't rise in life that way.

Micael: You're such a big help Henry, thank you. Any last words before we end this chat?

Henry: That's it, give it a long thought because it will change your attitude and way of thinking. If you do right, those attitudes will make you rise. It's the harder but certainly best way to go about everything.

If stamps will not be your hobby, the same principle applies in life. It's what you think and do that defines you.

I hope everyone enjoyed that one. Cheers!
Image taken from Kamasaki in Flickr.


Random Tuesday

Today, my class starts seven in the morning and ends seven in the evening. But look at me, I'm blogging! This post was meant to update the people who try and follow me with every post I make in any site or forum I manage.

- I'm registered but I'm under load. More time for the more important things that I plan to do.
- K-Zone Philippines December Issue should already be out. Enjoy a small one page review I wrote on the DS game, Heroes of Mana by Square Enix. Final Fantasy 12 for the DS is also already out and I read that it's also an RTS (Real Time Strategy) RPG (Role Playing Game) type of game. Can't wait for money to come in.
- Just finished Wikinomics. Suggest a new book.
- Still digging "The floor of hell is paved with the skills of priests, and the bottommost pit of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops." quote by St. John Chrysostom. Kudos to Sir Rex for this.
- I'll be at the Digital Media Conference 2007 at Podium with or without my family on either or both Friday and Saturday. I'm hopping to attend some seminars there if there are any but I'm pretty sure there will be. I will finalize my schedule later. Yeah, I'm a conference/seminar freak. There are a couple of good restaurants at the Podium rin. Mmmm.
- I've been writing an essay about this article I found in the Inquirer entitled "System-wide solutions needed, not band-aids." It's a series of articles about the education system in the Philippines. I might post the essay if I find it good enough to be posted online. Article two gets printed today. And no, I haven't read it yet because I haven't grabbed a newspaper yet. Makes me/you want to be a Grade School - High School teacher and be a Hero.
- Oh that reminds me... Heroes rock! Season Finale next week if I am not mistaken! Go Nathan! Go HRG! (My favorite characters hehe)
- I'll be having a Christmas contest giveaway for the many kids who read Pokémon-PH. 1000 Peso plus worth of gifts to giveaway if I am not mistaken. Many thanks to those who have constantly sent me Pokémon stuff that I cannot keep. Stay tuned for details on this one. Hint: It's a coloring contest and I'll be picking more than 10 winners. Woohoo. No more money!


Sonic Plushes

A Limited Edition Sonic Plushes/Doll created last century (just almost 10 years ago)! I actually got two dolls in the mail but I haven't quite finished my research on the Tails doll. I've just finished my research on the Sonic (Albino Version on the above picture) and was I surprised!

"The two in the front are some bizarre albino version of their normal selves. These are MUCH rare-er. They even have these vaguely-colored white plastic eyes. They're actually somewhat creepy if the photo was better... Every once and a while one will turn up on Ebay, but don't expect to pay any less than $100 dollars to get it! It is possible they were some kind of limited run in Japan." - Sonic Gear

Who knew researching about plushes and old dolls/toys was so much fun? Many thanks to the person who sent this one in. You know who you are. That's all for now!


Birthday Mario Party

"A new poll suggests many parents completely avoid taking part in their kids? videogame pastimes." - Next Generation

Does that hold true for Japanese families with members owning a Nintendo DS or Wii? How about Filipino families here in the Philippines? I'm not sure but my parents are at least not yet into video games.

Now this leads us to another story that I would like to share.

Last weekend we went to our uncle's house for a surprise birthday party. Our cousins and cousin's cousins were there for the event. While we were there, we had the opportunity to play with the Nintendo Wii (too bad they only had two Wiimotes). Legend of Zelda, Mario Strikers, Wii Sports, and Mario Party 8 where are choices.

There were three 20 year old and seven minors (the youngest was 5 years old). I've played Wii Sports numerous times already so I suggested Mario Party 8. The game was really designed to be played by many people. I considered us "many" so it did play very well for us the whole time. The game very much suits the casual game category. That just means that a 20 year old gamer can easily be beaten by a 5 year old in this game.

My cousin's cousins who were aged 10 and 5 were extremely adept at their use of the English language. The five year old boy (who actually gave me a good baby bite *ouch* in the face while playing) could put many Filipino students my age to shame when they battle it out in conversational English! The 10 year old girl cousin of my cousin reminded me of the contestants in the American TV Reality Show, Kid Nation. When she spoke in English she didn't sound your normal 10 year old Filipino kid at all. My 9 year old brother could converse in English better than most but no way near them.

I now conclude that Filipinos who could speak in English fluently any time makes those Filipinos look smarter, more mature, more handsome, more prettier, more macho, and more sexier. And that is why many speak highly of ADMU! The so called place for smart, rich, and pretty girls. *grin*

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Wikinomics. I've been looking at this book for quite some time now but I was always successful at persuading myself that a paper bound copy is coming soon. Last Sunday we went to Trinoma and I spent much of my time window shopping. I went inside the Power Books store there to check if some new interesting book was for sale.

Nothing much from my last check last week really...

As I was on my way out the bookstore I noticed that they had the Wikinomics book displayed beautifully on top of their customer service area. Beautifully displayed on top... The display and the nice looking lady at the desk was hypnotizing me to inquire about the book. So I did!

"Hi! I was supposed to ask you to find me a book I was interested in but fortunately I find it beautifully displayed there." I said, pointing at the display.

"Is there already a paper bound copy of that book available for purchase?" I continued.

"None. Sir, the book is relatively brand new and you'd have to wait for around six months to see a copy of that book in paper bound. This is also our last copy." she replied after grabbing the book from the display shelf and giving it to me.

"Six Months!?! I can't wait that long anymore. The new semester is coming and I need to be busy reading something new and different or else I'd die of boredom."

I looked at my wallet and saw an insufficient amount of money. "Micael, this is the reason why you are entrusted with a credit card."

"Do you take Mastercard?"

The next thing I remember was me leaving the mall with my first non-fiction hard bound book.

I decided to write this post after reading Toni Tiu's latest post on her Happy Nest blog at Inquirer.


Good Ol' Peach

The guy on the left just defeated Fransisco Bustamante in their Quarterfinal match. Bustamante was loosing 4-9 in a race to 11 game when he suddenly came back to his senses and made the score 10-9 in his favor! Bustamante lost after making a controversial scratch.

The Filipino majority crowd went nuts. I got to say... that was a very disrespectful crowd. I was disappointed. You don't clap widely for an error of a foreigner. You don't go after a referee as well. It's a shameful sight! Or maybe I'm just overreacting.

Peach was shaken after he won that match. I'm a Filipino fan but I must admit that Peach did win that table fair and square. Congratulations!

It's all up to Roberto "Superman" Gomez now. He's good. Very good!

UPDATE: Luthor Takes Down Superman (Peach takes down Gomez in the Finals 17-15). It's a sad ending for us Filipino pool fans but we always have next year. Roberto Gomez just made a fan out of me. Go Roberto "Superman" Gomez!


Scream for Ice Cream

Ferrero Crunch Supreme (P155). "The Most Talked About Creation! Classic vanilla ice cream mixed with crunchy bits & our very own concoction of choco hazelnut filling. Definitely a must try for those who enjoy a truly amazing chocolatey experience!"

Having spent almost four years in a place like UPLB, I found it hard to believe that I said yes to a 155 peso ice cream. I'm very picky with the food I eat because I can. I don't like to eat fruits or vegetables and I have in fact just started to discover the beauty and flavor of cakes. How in the world did I end up eating a 155 peso ice cream? Read ahead to learn more.

I went out with my younger brother and my female cousins last weekend at Trinoma Mall to watch a movie and eat lunch. The last time we went out, we ended up watching an R rated (R-13) movie, my first. Guess what we watched this time? We ended up watching "30 Days of Night", a horror/suspense R-13 movie! Vampires + Alaska's 30 Days of Night = Nice Movie. I actually liked the movie. Weird.

After the movie, we roamed around the mall and bought some stuff. After around seven hours of being in Trinoma, we finally decided to leave the mall. Before we left, we decided to take our miryenda at the mall and we were left with three stores to choose from. Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, or Five Cows. As sophisticated as I may look to some people here in my school, I have not ever had a Starbucks coffee or have I even stayed in a Starbucks store. I don't drink (any) coffee to feel elite but I instead drink (cheap) coffee to feel refreshed. I was willing to pay for a coffee that expensive that time but most of us were not in the mood for coffee or tea. We scraped that Starbucks idea and went to the famous Krispy Kreme Doughnuts store. *gasp* How can a doughnut store produce such a long line? As much as I wanted to try their food I didn't because we were in a hurry. To Five Cows we went!

OMG! They had Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Skittles, Nerds, and many more sweet stuff at their open kitchen. It was mind boggling! We just had to try out this store. And that is how I ended up eating a 155 Peso Ice Cream. Ferrero Crunch Supreme! Did I regret paying that much money for just glass ice cream? Nope. I'd visit Five Cows again the next time I go to Trinoma with money in my wallet. I would love to try out some of their other ice cream and cakes next time. I won't forget to ask the cook to have them add some nerds and skittles in my ice cream next time.

Pictures taken from ourawesomeplanet.com
(I can't upload my pictures from my phone yet.)
Someone took a video of Five Cow's Flaming Alaska dish and you can view it HERE. Ice Cream/Cake on fire? I was not that daring to try that dish out yet.

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