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Science Fiction? Science Future!

A friend of mine introduced me this new Anime series entitled ????? Denn? Koiru or Denn? (Dennou) Coil in English. It's practically science fiction but I'm hope it would eventually become science future.

"The series takes place in the fictional city of Daikoku, a hotbed of AR (Augmented Reality) development with an emerging city-wide virtual infrastructure. It follows a group of children as they use AR visors to unravel the mysteries of the half real, half Internet city, using a variety of illegal software tools, techniques, and virtual pets to manipulate the digital landscape." - Wikipedia Entry

Mild nerds or geeks like me would enjoy watching this series but I'm not sure if it would be enjoyed by others. Some technologies presented in the series are already existing today but majority of them are yet to be discovered. I have only watched up to episode 12 (subbed) and have enjoyed it so far.

The Biology major who suggested this Anime to me heard of this Anime from a friend of ours in a MUD (text based) game that we (my Biology friends still play the MUD game but I stopped playing it because of time constraints) used to play. I actually am the one who introduces the MUD games to my gamer group to play but I unfortunately am always the first one to opt out. I only last for around 6 months to a year. The coding and scripting of attacks and defenses in MUD games give me that "high"; the kind of "high" that the kids in Dennou Coil experience in their own hacker battles I suppose.


Panic comes with war

I just finished watching Full Metal Panic: The 2nd Raid this afternoon! This OAV series is the sequel to Full Metal Panic and Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. It is darker, more violent, and has more blood than the first two.

It's a nice series and I can recommend it to teenagers and not to kids. The series made me think more about war and the destruction it brings. You just can't stop thinking about the many innocent lives lost when war happens.

I just came from a 2 hour and 30 minute Holy Thursday Mass and I'm pretty tired. I can't articulate my thoughts properly yet. My next UDP article will be posted later this evening.


Ozine Fest '07

Today marks the first year anniversary of PKMNph: Pokémon Philippines but it was yesterday at the Ozine Fest that we celebrated the creation of this cool organization.

I arrived 10 minutes after 10 in the morning at the event site and the line to get in the trade hall was extremely long as expected (all the way down to a lower floor). The organizers of the event was wise enough to ask everyone to make two lines instead of one to shorten the line. We eventually did make it in the trade hall after a few minutes.

I played at the Pokémon TCG tournament there with my two younger brothers but I performed poorly in my first two rounds which both ended up in a loss. I decided to just drop out of the tournament because the rest of the PKMNph staff present in the event was already waiting for me. With two loses it was a pretty easy decision to make. After that, I wore my PKMNph anniversary shirt and the party started.

The event was a blast. I need not rant about anything after that. I did bad at the tournament but my younger brothers did well. My youngest brother even finished 3rd and received a TCG and TFG booster pack. We took pictures and some took pictures of us. It's really nice to be a fan. PKMNph has existed for more than a year now and we really had made a difference for Pokémon here in the Philippines. Now that's good reason to stick my tongue out and be happy.

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The day before Ozine Fest

Tomorrow's the big Ozine Fest convention and I would like to share the list of the things that I have done so far in preparation for tomorrow. But before that I would like to invite everyone to come join us at SM Megamall's Megatrade Hall 2 for this year's biggest anime fans gathering. The entrance fee for the event is 100 pesos only. If you see me in the event site please don't hesitate to say hi to me. So without further ado here is the list.

1) Have the things I want to discuss with the staff of PKMNph.com in paper.
2) Obtain three Ozine Fest 07 tickets for me and my little brothers.
3) Locate my old but playable Pokémon TCG deck.
4) Get the necessary proof of purchase from Neutral Grounds.
5) Prepare my Ash Cap for tomorrow.
6) Withdraw enough cash from the bank to pay for our PKMNph Anniversary Shirt.

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