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First on GameOPS

I posted my first official post at GameOPS today. If you're following me from all of my activities, you might have already read about it but in case you haven't please do check it out.

Monday, September 24, 2007
Philippine Malls are Pirate Free?
Posted by: Micael

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In other news... Tinda Online is now online (but not yet in service).

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Use a Reader

I'm giving Spell Micael an updated layout that works well with a 1024 by 768 screen resolution. It's not yet finished but I'm working on it. I want everyone to learn how to use a feed reader so I embedded a video about it together with this post.

In other news, searching for "Micael" at Google will return you SpellMicael.com as the top search result. I'm hopping to get the top search result for "Diaz de Rivera" next time. I'm catching up cousin!


The Call Simulator

The Real and The Simulation:
The Call Simulator

Undergraduate Seminar by Micael Andrei B. Diaz de Rivera (yours trully)

Where: UPLB ICS Building Lecture Hall 4 (LH4)
When: September 7, 2007 8:00 AM

Seminar slides and hand outs will be uploaded here (spellmicael.com/callsimulator) at SpellMicael.com

I will also upload a post-recorded podcast of the seminar at that page on September 9, 2007

Are there more to call centers than night shifts, extensive stress, high starting pay, and controversies?

In line with this, I will also start uploading my SP (Special Problem) documents within the week for the folks interested in monitoring my progress.


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