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LOL (Laughs Out Loud)! I may now officially be UPLB's most distracted student because I, Micael, in the midst of all the school work will be launching a new website as early as next month! The site will cater to the growing number of young and old entrepreneurs who are setting up their business online. It's name will be Tinda Online!

I was researching about VoIP and other topics related to my SP last night and I suddenly got sidetracked. I suddenly wanted to go find a local online shop for some unknown reason. The only place I knew where to buy online goods without the use of a credit card was on Ebay Philippines. This frustrated me. Why is there no place online that acts like a portal for local online small business?! Ebay sellers and buyers are increasing. Multiply (the social networking site) pages that hosts small business of students, parents, and many more are popping out everywhere! The best listing I've seen was this local online directory. I think it's not enough for this online boom that we're seeing locally.

Tinda Online will not be a competitor to Ebay.ph or Auction.ph! Tinda Online will just be a portal for local online sellers for now. It will be so convenient for buyers to have a site where they can just go and look up at online shops that fall under a category or sell a certain item. Tinda Online will launch with a one man staff but I wish to expand and ask for help when the site reaches around 400 sellers participating.

P.S. Thomas L. Friedman's "The World is Flat" brainwashed me to do this. We individuals are the ones empowered today... before it was just companies... and before that it was just countries. Time to take advantage of Globalization 3.0 (click link to go to the Yale Global blog). I won't hold back.

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