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Start Watching

(Warning) : Geek and Nerdy post by a marginal Computer Science student ahead.

One of the things that I enjoy doing is listening to speakers do their talk. When I was a college Freshman I used to go to the senior's seminar classes just to see people do their seminars. From classmates to personalities like Jerry Liao (former IT columnist of Manila Bulletin and now IT columnist of Inquirer), religious leaders to IT guys from across the globe, Catholic priests to Protestant pastors! I'd listen to almost anyone. I have always admired people who can do talks and seminars very well. I may be one of the most quiet person in our batch but I believe I'm not that bad of a speaker myself. I'm still very far from that ideal speaker in mind but I wish to get there before I die.

Mozilla 24 have gone and past (I barely slept that day because of that) but there are definitely more international talks coming our way! If you're still reading up to this point then you might be interested in next month's FSOSS (Free Software and Open Source) event. I still remember last year's good FSOSS talks. Last year's talks that I'm sure anyone would understand includes "One Laptop Per Child Project", "Let's Moodle Some More" (the first talk on Moodle [created 5 years ago] at FSOSS was discussed there two years ago... and I'm glad after five years of existence we might actually be making use of it in UP's Open University), "Web 2.0 eLearning, and Open Source", and "Monkeys, Desktops, and Dictionaries: The Mechanics of the Revolution". One of my favorite talk series that is IT (Information Technology) related have been the Red Hat Summit ever since it started. If you like watching seminars or is just intrigued with what I'm talking about then do check it out. (LOL) I was supposed to write about E-Learning for today but I guess I got sidetracked (again) to generally seminars and talks.

Never let school be a limitation on which it becomes something that dictate what you can only learn. Never let your age or year level in school be a hindrance to you in learning more than what you "should" just be learning at your age. Good day to everyone!

P.S. Alright! Top of the search for Micael and Diaz de Rivera at Google! Phase one for world domination is completed!

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Tinda Online

LOL (Laughs Out Loud)! I may now officially be UPLB's most distracted student because I, Micael, in the midst of all the school work will be launching a new website as early as next month! The site will cater to the growing number of young and old entrepreneurs who are setting up their business online. It's name will be Tinda Online!

I was researching about VoIP and other topics related to my SP last night and I suddenly got sidetracked. I suddenly wanted to go find a local online shop for some unknown reason. The only place I knew where to buy online goods without the use of a credit card was on Ebay Philippines. This frustrated me. Why is there no place online that acts like a portal for local online small business?! Ebay sellers and buyers are increasing. Multiply (the social networking site) pages that hosts small business of students, parents, and many more are popping out everywhere! The best listing I've seen was this local online directory. I think it's not enough for this online boom that we're seeing locally.

Tinda Online will not be a competitor to Ebay.ph or Auction.ph! Tinda Online will just be a portal for local online sellers for now. It will be so convenient for buyers to have a site where they can just go and look up at online shops that fall under a category or sell a certain item. Tinda Online will launch with a one man staff but I wish to expand and ask for help when the site reaches around 400 sellers participating.

P.S. Thomas L. Friedman's "The World is Flat" brainwashed me to do this. We individuals are the ones empowered today... before it was just companies... and before that it was just countries. Time to take advantage of Globalization 3.0 (click link to go to the Yale Global blog). I won't hold back.

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Yahoo! Mash Lives

There were two web applications that launched a few days ago that's generating a lot of buzz in America and also here in the Philippines. That is Yahoo! Mash and Blog Rush. I'll be talking about Mash today rather than Blog Rush. I joined Mash but decided not to join the bandwagon to join Blog Rush.

I'm an early adopter and I love to try things out before everyone else does so I got myself a Yahoo! Mash page with my Gmail account.

First impressions:
- If you like Yahoo! 360, you will love Yahoo! Mash because it is way better.
- It feels like a mash up of Friendster and Facebook!
- It's really nice and I can recommend it to anyone who fancies to try out new social networking sites.

Most Filipinos are definitely Yahoo! users but the popularity of Friendster here in the Philippines and the failure of Yahoo! 360 and the popular Facebook to break into the Filipino people makes me very skeptical about Yahoo! Mash's success here in the Philippines. Most of us are not yet tech savvy and would prefer to stay in a service that we are familiar with than try out another one that obviously has more features. In the realms of Social Networking sites there is one saying that will for a long time be important and that is:

"It's where your friends are."

Post a comment if you want that exclusive invite. First come first serve.


Maps in the Philippines

I screamed when I learned that Google Maps has at last landed in the Philippines! You don't know how excited I was for this service from Google. My smile turned into a frown when I realized that Philippines in Google Maps is still barely usable because the map for the Philippines is not detailed yet.

"We have better detail for some countries than others, but this is just the beginning. In coming months, we'll be working tirelessly to add more detail to the existing countries in Google Maps, and we'll also be adding new countries to the list." - Google Maps Team

Why am I so excited about this?

Google, I want you to tell me where the nearest mall is.
Hey Google, give me the shortest road path from my house to the nearest restaurant too!
Mom, Dad do you want to go to this new mall in Quezon City? Oh don't Google Maps has that mapped and it also has actual street views so we won't get lost.

The possibilities are endless!

Small Announcement: SpellMicael.com now accepts all kinds of comments from users and non users.


Save Electricity; Save the World

I'm not an environmentalist but I do value money. We have this big problem with our electric bill and I personally want to help the family eradicate this problem of ours.

Our monthly electric bill from Meralco is usually from 10 to 12 thousand Pesos a month. At first I thought it was normal for the usual near-city household but after some investigation I realized that our bill was exceptionally high. Because of this, I recently had to learn energy saving.

We have at least three computers running at the same time here at home. As the chief computer geek in the family, I have been given the responsibility to devise a plan to lessen energy consumption from using the computer.

Do you know what I first did to save us some money (and to save the world in my own small way)? I downloaded this software that I found at a CNET blog known as Local Cooling. If you want to save the world from Global Warming or if you just want to try and lower your electric bill then I recommend you download Local Cooling as well.


Show Some Gmail Love

I'm a Google Friend and because of that I use everything Google!

One of my favorite Google service has been Gmail. I've been using Gmail since its private beta days (2004). It's turning three years old this year and in preparation for that, Gmail has launched a Behind the Scenes activity/contest!

I will be working on my video entry this weekend.


Ebay in Firefox

I'm currently I was in a bidding war right now awhile ago and the lots that I am fighting fought for at eBay Philippines has had more than 20 bids in the last hour of the auction. The picture with the Pikachu in it was the lot that I lost while the picture with the Snorlax was the lot that I won. I wanted the Pikachu set more than the Snorlax set but unfortunately I was only fast enough to snatch the Snorlax set at the last second.

I have only won three items in Ebay Philippines before this bidding war but I am pretty impressed with my bidding so far. The Firefox-eBay Companion add-on really gave me a fighting chance against a better bidder. I now officially have 1 lost in my eBay record! Not to worry... there is always next time! I at least won myself some very cheap high quality dolls.

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The Power of Networks

We're very fortunate enough to be a subscriber of many kinds of magazine (I love magazines) but there is one magazine that I find it hard to read and that is Forbes Asia. It talks about a lot of things but it's mainly about money and business. I would definitely rather finish our Time magazine before this magazine but last week's issue (May 7) caught my attention.

Forbes Asia | May 7, 2007 - The Power of Networks, Forbes 90th Anniversary Issue.
  • Creating a Web Just for You
  • Why the Technology Revolution Will Go On and On
  • How to Catch a Terrorist
  • Stopping Epidemics
  • The New Golden Age of Media
  • The MySpace Generation
  • What's in Store for the Internet
  • The Soul of a New Laptop
  • Immigrants Recast the U.S
I'm not sure if the magazine is still in news stands but you can always try.

I once told my parents that if I was privileged enough to visit any place in America I would go to MIT and shake the hand of the man behind the world wide web. I love the Internet and the World Wide Web! It's the best network there is.

"Web 2.0 is now. Even the kids at K-Zone Headquarters are experiencing it."

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Gmail wins the Prizefight

I'm an early adopter of the service and the only reason I had before for switching from Yahoo! Mail was the large space Gmail offered. Now Gmail has evolved and has even won a recent Prizefight.

Yahoo! Mail Beta V.S. Gmail Beta according to Veronica Belmont
  • Yahoo Mail wins Interface 3-4 (Because of the Drag and Drop)
  • Gmail wins Features 4-3 (Because of the integration of other Google Services)
  • Gmail wins Speed 3-5 (Gmail is definitely faster )
  • Gmail wins Organization 3-5 (Because of Gmail's filters)
  • Yahoo Mail and Gmail tied on Security 4-4
Final score 17-21 for Gmail. If you're still not using Google's services I suggest you try them out. It's very recommendable.


What are you doing?

"This is really cool. Let's blog about this." - Micael

That was a weird opening statement but I do hope that'll help you understand this weird but very interesting internet phenomenon that I will be talking about in just a while.

I just discovered a neat website called Twitter! What you basically do at Twitter is that you post the thing you are currently doing right now for the world or for your friends to see. This reminds me of spam threads located in most forums that I am active in. The thread is usually called the "What are you doing now" thread. The popularity of those kind of threads in forums gives me a glimpse of the success that twitter will see in the future. For me, Twitter is also a part time social networking site where you can add friends and all. It's really weird and hard to explain! The best way to know what Twitter is all about is for you to to actually go to the site and experience it on your own. I've seen several active Filipinos on Twitter already. Give me a comment on how Twitter was. After getting an account at Twitter don't forget to visit Twitter Vision after that!

Links: Twitter, Twitter Vision

"Finished posting a new blog post about Twitter." - Micael


Mozilla 24 - Worldwide Community Event