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Japan's Vanishing Act

My dad left me his Newsweek magazine for December 10, 2007 with me and the cover title is "How Japan Lost It's Groove: The Asian powerhouse struggles to explain its stumbles in hot technology." You can eventually read the article in Newsweek's website. If you have the time to spare, why not read the article and tell me what you think about it.

"Ever heard of DoCoMo? probably not, unless you happen to live in Japan."

Well I have. I don't live in Japan but I do get lost in Japanese sites quite often. I first heard of DoCoMo when I was browsing for interesting Japanese commercials. The video below is the first DoCoMo commercial that I've seen.

The technology featured there is also known as TMS. I think I've wrote about that before and said how excited I was for the future when I tried the technology on my phone. This technology, though popular in Japan, didn't catch up here. Accessing a mobile site is still not that affordable here in the Philippines. Taking pictures using your phone in mall stores is still looked down upon as weird. G-Cash is still not known by many. There's is so much potential for mobile phones these days but most of us are not yet even ready to try them out yet.
  • TMS
  • Video Calls - Well, we can already do this in the Philippines if you have the right kind of phone. It costs the same as your usual voice call but we've found it hard. Me, my dad, and my little brother could call each other using this technology but it's still easier to talk to someone on the phone with your phone in your ears than in front of your face. It's easier walking safely that way.
  • Digital Cash - Check this out. When we visited Hong Kong a few years back I was amazed when I discovered their Octopus Card (they've been using it since 1997 and we still haven't learned to implement this?). Well in Japan DoCoMo has developed a way to make their phones act like the octopus card. Cool!
I wish we could invent and start using technologies like that.

Many people throw curses at commercials but I love short and well made ones! DoCoMo has had a good track record on cute good commercials. Interested in learning more about DoCoMo? Click here for their 2.0 site (I like their clothes *smile*). The trailer for their DoCoMo 2.0 commercial series (*laughs* yes a series) is posted below. If you want to view the longest commercial I've ever seen go to their site or click the link I've provided.

"The technology crisis is often summed up by this one simple question: 'Why didn't we invent the iPod?'"

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Gamers Start Your English

I'm stuck here in UPLB because of a scheduled field trip to the Cultural Center of the Philippines tomorrow for my Humanities 2 class and I have nothing better to do but read and surf the Internet. I unfortunately exhausted my library of magazines for the week because of the two day class suspension so I dropped by the nearest Book Sale store here to get some old magazines to read.

A large amount of my allowance is spent on buying local and international magazines. I got EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) January 2007 for around 100 pesos a while ago by the way. I'm sure the magazine would keep me entertained for the whole night. The magazine has this monthly section where they showcase jobs related to the gaming industry and for that month they showcased the job of a game guide writer. What a coincidence... K-Zone Philippines is looking for game reviewers! The two jobs are very much different but both require a person to be able to work with English very well and thus the title of this blog.

Interested? Go visit Ka-Blog for more details!

"Mike says: ?Work hard on your English classes and study your grammar." - from the Ka-Blog post.

Micael says: Amen!

I'm not sure if I can purchase another game to whip up a review for this event but we'll never know. I know K-Zone will always be open for new articles but if you really want to get noticed then it's the best time to send them your game reviews. One good tip that you should remember when writing for K-Zone is to know your audience. Cheers!

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The Power of Networks

We're very fortunate enough to be a subscriber of many kinds of magazine (I love magazines) but there is one magazine that I find it hard to read and that is Forbes Asia. It talks about a lot of things but it's mainly about money and business. I would definitely rather finish our Time magazine before this magazine but last week's issue (May 7) caught my attention.

Forbes Asia | May 7, 2007 - The Power of Networks, Forbes 90th Anniversary Issue.
  • Creating a Web Just for You
  • Why the Technology Revolution Will Go On and On
  • How to Catch a Terrorist
  • Stopping Epidemics
  • The New Golden Age of Media
  • The MySpace Generation
  • What's in Store for the Internet
  • The Soul of a New Laptop
  • Immigrants Recast the U.S
I'm not sure if the magazine is still in news stands but you can always try.

I once told my parents that if I was privileged enough to visit any place in America I would go to MIT and shake the hand of the man behind the world wide web. I love the Internet and the World Wide Web! It's the best network there is.

"Web 2.0 is now. Even the kids at K-Zone Headquarters are experiencing it."

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