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To Go Against Gaming Piracy

My name has, for a time, became synonymous with the phrase Gaming Piracy because of the shocking picture I sent to the popular Nintendo Fan Site, GoNintendo.

I wanted to bring our local piracy problem to the world because I thought that maybe international pressure could heal our problem. The picture mentioned above inspired several groups of people to actually continue exposing our gaming piracy problem here in the country to the world. I cannot actively fight against this problem anymore as much as I want to because my parents don't want me killed. It's not that safe for do-gooders here in the Philippines really. (They may be over reacting but we'll never know.)

I still want to work on the video gaming industry before I die though and the best thing I could do for now that won't get me "killed" is to buy original games myself. Am I a fool to be cashing out on original games while everyone else gets it for cheap illegally? A lot of people say I am and I'm glad to take the road not taken once again!

This Friday... we're going to spend another 2000 Pesos for a Nintendo DS game (our 12th?). I decided to get the underrated Disney/Jupiter game known as "Spectrobes". Stay tuned for my personal review.

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Sweet sound of Filipino

I just listened to Fr. Roderick's Daily Breakfast #279 at SQPN and he spoke basic Filipino. To hear one of my favorite podcasters speak basic Filipino words like "kamusta", "Ako si Fr. Roderick", and some more Filipino words was music to my ears. I'll have to thank Shannon, the guy who sent Fr. Roderick the feedback, for that.

Shannon introduced the Philippines with known facts.

"The Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world behind the United States and the United Kingdom."

"English is compulsory in grade school in the Philippines."

It is true that many can speak, read, and write English here in the Philippines but I think that only applies to our cities. If you have the means to go to school then you'd most probably know English. If you don't then it's likely that you know little English. Many Filipino kids still can't go to school.

I love hearing foreigners speak our language but I also would love to hear majority of our countrymen speak good English.

Listen to Fr. Roderick's Daily Breakfast or any other SQPN Podcasts by going to their site which is located at www.sqpn.com. It's not for Catholics only! As a matter of fact it is for everyone. You should give it a try.

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