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My Hiatus Is Over

The untold reason why I have not been able to update my blog is because of my personal project to expand the number of Filipino made Pokémon fan sites. The project, located at pokemon-ph.com, had been getting 700-800 unique hits per week (very good for a new site) but it wasn't doing what I wanted it to be doing which was to generate more young webmasters. I don't want it to become my second PKMNph. *PKMN-ph, the new premier community for Pokémon fans in the Philippines, is doing a good job of maintaining the community as one but I'm quite disappointed with their lack of relevant news lately.

I've been trying hard not to post any local Pokémon news on *Pokémon-PH.com because I want PKMN-ph.com to do it but sometimes I just cannot stop myself from doing just that because I love sharing information. This has been in my phone since last week and I wasn't able to share it to everyone so I'm doing it now.

  • New Japanese Pokémon toys available at Toy Kingdom (Megamall) for below 300 pesos. The new notable items are the pink and blue Pokétch from Takara Tomy and the Sinnoh (small toy) Pokédex which is also from Takara Tomy.
  • August 22, 2007 is the International Release date of the Diamond and Pearl TCG set. I asked the staff of PKMN-ph.com to post this at their front page last week after I received the e-mail from Neutral Grounds. Thank you Ms. Des Tan for trusting me with that information.
  • K-Zone Philippines' June Issue is out and they have Pokémon in it. I wrote the Pokémon article in it! Will we be seeing another Pokémon article this August? Only time will tell *cackle*. Many thanks for Mr. Lio Magnubat and everyone at Summit Media for the opportunity and the you-know-what.
  • The K-Zone Team will be having a photo shoot in a top secret studio *wink* this coming Wednesday and if you want to get your name in the magazine and maybe get to talk to them (they're like superstars to many kids you know so I'm not sure about this one) please e-mail me [madiazderivera at gmail] as soon as possible. They need someone who has a Pokémon deck. I can go to their office this Wednesday but there might be some of you who want to do this so I'm putting this one up.
  • Wee ????? (Katou Rosa), the voice actress of a very important character in Pokémon's 10th movie, will be having her birthday in 10 days time. She's connected to Pokémon and she's pretty so I'll post about her here *grin*. I've seen her on the Japanese DS Commercials but just noticed her after seeing she's part of a Pokémon movie.
I'll be writing about my time in Baguio City and my school's-coming blues later. You don't want to miss the pictures that I took when we played tennis at the Baguio Country Club!

Happy Birthday to my two sis at YSES, Joyce and Sarah! Congratulations to both of you for you two are now officially old. *cackle* (If it wasn't for the text brigade I would have forgotten your birthdays! No wonder I'm still single haha).

*PKMN-ph : PKMNph with the dash "-" is currently being handled by the whole PKMNph staff minus Micael (me). Read older posts to know why.
*Pokémon-PH: Is my personal Pokémon site that promotes and hosts Filipino made Pokémon fan sites. This is my next contribution to the fandom after PKMNph.

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Expensive Purchase As Usual

I just came home from office! I didn't go directly home from Makati City this time for I had the shopper's urge.

I love reading materials (with pictures hehe) and this explains why I spend almost half of my allowance on reading materials like magazines and graphic novels. Today I went to Comic Odyssey and bought myself Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Ginji's Rescue Team by Makoto Mizobuchi. This graphic novel will be added to my collection of Pokemon stuff.

These graphic novels are not cheap. How do I even afford them? The answer is because I sadly still have no girl friend. No girl friend = more money.

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EODT: Unamused

End of day thoughts (EODT): Unamused

Another end of day. Time does move so fast for it seems that it was just a while ago that I was writing my first end of day thoughts for Spell Micael.

I just arrived here at home after watching the advance screening of Shrek 3 at Robinsons Metro East and to be honest it was not as good as the first two movies. My dad and my 17 year old brother slept through the movie and I was left unamused. Shrek 2 was so funny and this didn't came even close to it. The next movie in our list is Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.


I was doing my routine blog hop when I came across Flamegod's blog, the Quill Project (has good well thought out posts), when I noticed something that I haven't noticed before.

"Also, please visit my other friends? site. Those stat crazy people wants ?em unique hits! (Micael *cough*). " - Flamegod

If you came from the Quill Project then welcome to Spell Micael... you've just gotten yourself in my statistic. *grin* When I first created my first site more than half a decade ago (it was a Pokemon site by the way) I, like almost everyone else back then, had placed a counter in it. It took me months to get 100 unique hits. After I got that elusive 100 displayed on my counter I became obsessed with unique hits. I know a lot of people will disagree but a site's success is measured with unique hits. Give em to me!

Mission Accomplished for the following tasks:
  • Continue my rampage on promoting SpellMicael.com *cackle* (I should try going into the Marketing business). 110+ hits, 80+ unique, 87% are returning visitors. What does this tell me? ... Welcome back reader!
Problems I must resolve:
  • This site is hosted by Philhosting.net. It took them 1 day to get this site up and running but it has already been 1 week since I paid them the required money for pokemon-ph.com I called them 2 days ago and they said that they did get the order and the payment and are working on it. I need that domain up and running before this week ends. Darn.
  • PKMNph, now renamed to PKMN-ph by their staff is bothering me. I have seen the front page and they still had "Pokemon Philippines" in it. Before I formulated pokemon-ph (the name, which everyone knows, is patterned over Pokemon Italy and France) I thought PKMNph will just be PKMNph not Pokemon Philippines. What I forgot was that in my time with PKMNph I did stress that we are not "PKMNph" but Pokemon Philippines. The reason why I did that is because I know the nature of page ranks and search engines. Some people must have guess it already that pokemon-ph was created to become an indirect (not direct since pokemon-ph will offer a different service to its members) competitor to PKMNph so as to encourage both parties to push themselves to the limits. Both pokemon-ph (check the badge I posted yesterday) and PKMNph (link here) are calling themselves the revolution to the Pokemon Community here in the Philippines. I think both parties are correct. Actually this is what I had in mind when I stepped down from PKMNph. Pokemon is weakening here in the Philippines. This June, the two sites will duke it out and create an explosion. The explosion that will improve both parties and will hopefully revive the interest of many Filipino fans to Pokemon (imagine all those world class content). Why am I bothered? Because I won't fight over the Pokemon Philippines name. The pokemon-ph will initially be at a disadvantage with search placing (because both are Pokemon for the Philippines and both holds the "-") and I don't know what pokemon-ph will mean now.
A huge challenge lies ahead in front of me. I like it. Bring it on!

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The Pokemon Fluctuation

2006 was the year for Pokemon here in the Philippines.

2007... maybe. 2008... maybe.

I've told the story of how Pokemon rose to insane popularity here in the Philippines so I won't do that anymore with this post. What I would rather do though is talk about my predicted decline of Pokemon here in the Philippines.

I've just finished reading the book "Consuming Kids" by Susan Linn. It talks about how marketing has evolved to even influence or target the young kids of America. The reason why I grabbed the book a month ago was because there was a sale and because I knew I would find something about Pokemon in there. I did find something about Pokemon in there and I can even remember it being called as the "Pokemon Empire". This book taught me how these company sell their products to kids. I believe Pokemon was sold the same way as any other icon in America and in all parts of the globe.

I've been looking for months for this book entitled Pikachu's Global Adventure but unfortunately no book store caries and orders the book here in the Philippines . I was left with but excerpts to read.

So what's the forecast for Pokemon here in the Philippines?

- Pokemon stays strong to the general public because of the continued airing of the anime series in both cable and local channels.
-Cartoon Network is set to release some new episodes this year after Pokemania 4. I have no doubts that Cartoon Network has the power to air all episodes up until the Diamond and Pearl series. Why? Cartoon Network (CN) of America has the rights to air the new episodes of Pokemon and according to ToonZone they will air 66 episodes for two straight days on June.
- Diamond and Pearl Fever! From the Nintendo DS game to the Trading Card Game.

- It takes a few months or even a few years for Filipino kids to get hold of the next fad that came from other countries. This is what I call the "Fad Lag". Believe it or not but a huge majority of Pokemon fans in the country (10 and below) don't even know of the existence of Diamond and Pearl. The Nintendo DS is still struggling to get a footing here in the Philippines because of the thinking that PSP is cool and the DS is for people who can't afford the PSP. Only after pirated DS games invade the market will Pokemon Diamond and Pearl start to get really noticed.

This will change if Pokemon brings the world something. That's just my opinion. You don't have to take my word for I'm just your normal Filipino Pokemon fan anyway.

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Now that's BETTER

It's gonna be everywhere.

I'm a bit busy today so I'll just leave you all with the new but not so new 2nd English commercial of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games. I like it! No. I love it! It's so much better than the first English commercial.

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