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Heroes Season Finale

I reviewed my last EODT and I believe it was too long and uninteresting for the average reader of this blog. You might not fall asleep with it if you either have a crush on me, you're a stalker, a bored friend, or are used to reading stuff like that. I decided to make a new post about something interesting, NBC's Heroes!

No hard spoilers here! I started watching Heroes before it even aired in US television (Yahoo! had a special online premier of the first episode last year). It really is a nice TV series and I recommend it to everyone who thought Lost, 24, or Prison Break was great.

"Save the cheerleader, save the world."

Next week NBC will air Episode 23: How to stop an exploding man, the 2 hour season finale. I can't wait for it. A season 2 for the series is confirmed and I don't want a cliff hanger for an ending on next week's finale! I was planning to watch the season finale next week at the exact same time when they will air it in the United States with a program that I've used in the past that can stream TV shows. I checked the program a while ago and boy was I disappointed. They removed NBC, the one who airs Heroes in America, from the list of channels that I can watch in real time.

I was hopping to watch it in the morning (night at the other side of the world) but I guess an afternoon showing (downloaded episode) will do.

"The universe cannot be that lame." - Claire (the cheerleader)


We Are Kids Next Door

I love Cartoon Network. I have enjoyed that channel since my early years in grade school when it was still new! One of my favorite Cartoon Network original cartoon series is known as "Codename: Kids Next Door".

Their first made-for-TV movie will air here in the Philippines in a few weeks (maybe even months) time but I was fortunate enough to get to watch the movie prior everyone else in the country.

This has got to be Cartoon Network's best movie yet (the Powerpuff Girls movie looked better since it was a movie for the big screen but I think I really enjoyed this Kids Next Door movie more). The movie has a lot of spoilers. It's so big that I'll spoil the movie if I tell them.

The movie basically revolves around Numbah One/Nigel Uno. This movie will reveal shocking truths about his family and will also introduce, among many more other new operatives, the legendary Numbuh Zero.

If you're a fan of the series, like me, then you don't want to miss this movie in Cartoon Network. An exact date for the premier of this movie here in the Philippines is still unknown.

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The Power to Unite

I just saw on TV the 2nd National Catholic Family Bible Quiz Grand Finals! It happened about 2 months ago but it was just now that I was able to watch the whole thing on TV. We Catholics should read the Bible more often and should not be afraid of it. We are Bible Christians! The Catholic Church was the one who compiled the Bible and gave it to the world.

That was the theme song for the event and yes it was made by a Catholic for a Catholic Bible Quiz contest. Surprised? Awesome.

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Evolution of Beauty

This post was inspired from Patrick's post in BuhayBlog where he talked about Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. I planned to talk about what he talked about there but after some searching about this campaign I came around a very interesting ad which is also from Dove.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What's beautiful to me might not be beautiful to you. Dove sells beauty products and I don't know what's in their mind when they created this campaign for real beauty. I'm not against the campaign and I hate seeing girls with low self esteem. It's not beautiful.

That image editing of the model's face was pretty impressive. Does this practice distort our image of beauty? As a male, I don't think so. As I have said before, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I don't think you can change what is beautiful to my eyes. Maybe this really is a girl problem? I really don't know. I don't understand the opposite sex that much. Someone help me out with this.

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There's a thing in my pocket

The Nokia N95 TV ad impressed me so much that I had to post it here in my blog. A poetic ad for a cellphone. I love it.

There's a thing in my pocket
But it's not one thing, it's many.
It's the same as other things
But exactly like nothing else.
It has an eye and an ear.
It shares what billions hear and see.
It's not a living thing
But if you feed it, it will grow.
It can rally the masses.
It can silence the crowd.
It can speak a thousand words
But it has no voice.
It can find you the places
So you can get lost.
And it can let others feel
What you've just been touched by.
There's a thing in my pocket
But it's not one thing, it's many.

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