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Japan's Vanishing Act

My dad left me his Newsweek magazine for December 10, 2007 with me and the cover title is "How Japan Lost It's Groove: The Asian powerhouse struggles to explain its stumbles in hot technology." You can eventually read the article in Newsweek's website. If you have the time to spare, why not read the article and tell me what you think about it.

"Ever heard of DoCoMo? probably not, unless you happen to live in Japan."

Well I have. I don't live in Japan but I do get lost in Japanese sites quite often. I first heard of DoCoMo when I was browsing for interesting Japanese commercials. The video below is the first DoCoMo commercial that I've seen.

The technology featured there is also known as TMS. I think I've wrote about that before and said how excited I was for the future when I tried the technology on my phone. This technology, though popular in Japan, didn't catch up here. Accessing a mobile site is still not that affordable here in the Philippines. Taking pictures using your phone in mall stores is still looked down upon as weird. G-Cash is still not known by many. There's is so much potential for mobile phones these days but most of us are not yet even ready to try them out yet.
  • TMS
  • Video Calls - Well, we can already do this in the Philippines if you have the right kind of phone. It costs the same as your usual voice call but we've found it hard. Me, my dad, and my little brother could call each other using this technology but it's still easier to talk to someone on the phone with your phone in your ears than in front of your face. It's easier walking safely that way.
  • Digital Cash - Check this out. When we visited Hong Kong a few years back I was amazed when I discovered their Octopus Card (they've been using it since 1997 and we still haven't learned to implement this?). Well in Japan DoCoMo has developed a way to make their phones act like the octopus card. Cool!
I wish we could invent and start using technologies like that.

Many people throw curses at commercials but I love short and well made ones! DoCoMo has had a good track record on cute good commercials. Interested in learning more about DoCoMo? Click here for their 2.0 site (I like their clothes *smile*). The trailer for their DoCoMo 2.0 commercial series (*laughs* yes a series) is posted below. If you want to view the longest commercial I've ever seen go to their site or click the link I've provided.

"The technology crisis is often summed up by this one simple question: 'Why didn't we invent the iPod?'"

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Tinda Online

LOL (Laughs Out Loud)! I may now officially be UPLB's most distracted student because I, Micael, in the midst of all the school work will be launching a new website as early as next month! The site will cater to the growing number of young and old entrepreneurs who are setting up their business online. It's name will be Tinda Online!

I was researching about VoIP and other topics related to my SP last night and I suddenly got sidetracked. I suddenly wanted to go find a local online shop for some unknown reason. The only place I knew where to buy online goods without the use of a credit card was on Ebay Philippines. This frustrated me. Why is there no place online that acts like a portal for local online small business?! Ebay sellers and buyers are increasing. Multiply (the social networking site) pages that hosts small business of students, parents, and many more are popping out everywhere! The best listing I've seen was this local online directory. I think it's not enough for this online boom that we're seeing locally.

Tinda Online will not be a competitor to Ebay.ph or Auction.ph! Tinda Online will just be a portal for local online sellers for now. It will be so convenient for buyers to have a site where they can just go and look up at online shops that fall under a category or sell a certain item. Tinda Online will launch with a one man staff but I wish to expand and ask for help when the site reaches around 400 sellers participating.

P.S. Thomas L. Friedman's "The World is Flat" brainwashed me to do this. We individuals are the ones empowered today... before it was just companies... and before that it was just countries. Time to take advantage of Globalization 3.0 (click link to go to the Yale Global blog). I won't hold back.

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I Choose to Save

When I was in my last year at High School I was faced with several hard questions.

Study at my target school DLSU-Taft or study at a prestigious UP? A 700k peso tuition or a 28k peso tuition? Both are very good schools and both are in my list of notable schools. We choose to save. I was again faced with several hard questions (relatively easier ones though) lately because of my laptop.

I posted a notice that I had troubles with my laptop several days ago and I said that I was considering buying a new one. Well today I decided to again save money and just bring my laptop to a notable repair shop.

"Why buy a new high-end laptop when you know you'd surely be ridiculed at UPLB Micael" I told myself. Actually it was my batchmate Gail who first gave me that idea. I'm not much of an Apple fan but I understand Gail's desire for an Apple Mac Book Pro. He's looking for a new laptop but he won't get the Mac Book because he's getting an HP notebook instead. Get a flashy Apple Mac Book Pro and you get automatically branded as a show off even if you don't intend to . It's a sad place for techies sometimes.

I've told myself that I don't need a new one and that I can wait until next year for a really good laptop. I will be just like that Pidgeotto in the picture I took a while ago; Waiting patiently for the right time to go out.

Happy rainy days to everyone!

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My Dying Laptop

My parents offered me a new Notebook PC for my 20th birthday but I refused and said my laptop can last until Graduation Day. Laptops still are expensive even if we can afford them.

I need a reliable computer that will hold and not lose data for at least until I graduate. I cannot afford to lose my "special problem" (Final Project) or any project/assignment on the day it is supposed to be submitted (again).

If you're a Computer guru then please recommend some PCs for me. I need at least 1 GB of Memory and at least 60 GB of Hard Drive space. A new laptop or a new desktop? I need a semi-affordable laptop below 100k Pesos. Try to recommend something way below that price so I won't be tempted to install a pirated version of a Windows OS. (Cheapest Vista is around 5k Pesos while the best Vista version retails at around 10k Pesos.)


TMS Works!

Last week the New York Times wrote a lengthy article about this technology that is highly used in Japan. It's called the Tag Mobile Service or TMS for short.

I was able to try the technology out for myself and boy was I amazed. This technology has potential! I can just imagine the many uses of this technology!

"In Japan, McDonald?s customers can already point their cellphones at the wrapping on their hamburgers and get nutrition information on their screens. Users there can also point their phones at magazine ads to receive insurance quotes, and board airplanes using their phones rather than paper tickets. And film promoters can send their movie trailers from billboards."
I want this technology to be more useful here in the Philippines. For more information on TMS here in the Philippines do visit the TMS Embassy Site.


There's a thing in my pocket

The Nokia N95 TV ad impressed me so much that I had to post it here in my blog. A poetic ad for a cellphone. I love it.

There's a thing in my pocket
But it's not one thing, it's many.
It's the same as other things
But exactly like nothing else.
It has an eye and an ear.
It shares what billions hear and see.
It's not a living thing
But if you feed it, it will grow.
It can rally the masses.
It can silence the crowd.
It can speak a thousand words
But it has no voice.
It can find you the places
So you can get lost.
And it can let others feel
What you've just been touched by.
There's a thing in my pocket
But it's not one thing, it's many.

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