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I'm currently I was in a bidding war right now awhile ago and the lots that I am fighting fought for at eBay Philippines has had more than 20 bids in the last hour of the auction. The picture with the Pikachu in it was the lot that I lost while the picture with the Snorlax was the lot that I won. I wanted the Pikachu set more than the Snorlax set but unfortunately I was only fast enough to snatch the Snorlax set at the last second.

I have only won three items in Ebay Philippines before this bidding war but I am pretty impressed with my bidding so far. The Firefox-eBay Companion add-on really gave me a fighting chance against a better bidder. I now officially have 1 lost in my eBay record! Not to worry... there is always next time! I at least won myself some very cheap high quality dolls.

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